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Sunday, March 15th Service

For those asking or wondering, we will be open for service Sunday following the regular schedule with the exception that Transformation Station will be canceled. That means children will be in the sanctuary with their parents. We are encouraging the following:

If you are sick and people in your household are sick, stay home this week.If you are medically vulnerable, stay home.And even if you’re healthy but concerned about it, feel free to stay home. Use your own discretion.
For those who attend, please refrain from hugging and hand shaking at least temporarily.
Spread out in the sanctuary. We should have plenty of room. If some of our babies are there, stay away from them unless parents have given permission. Wash your hands. (We have plenty of soap, hand sanitizer, water and toilet paper). Doors will open at 9 for corporate prayer in the sanctuary. Small groups will meet at 9:30. Worship service will start at 10:30.

If anything changes between now and then, we will share it. This information will also be sent via church email and posted here. Based on how this all plays out, we will continue to evaluate future steps.