Prayer & Fasting Focus

In response to Pastor Shayn Danks’ powerful “Blessed are the Hungry” message Sunday, we are upping our intentionality for our weekly day of prayer and fasting on Tuesdays. We will be posting, via email, our Facebook page and our website, a graphic indicating a specific focus for that day’s prayer and fasting. We will do this each Monday. Ask Holy Spirit to direct you about how to proceed, whether it’s fasting a meal or two, the whole day or multiple days, and whether that fast means no food, only liquids, or fruits and vegetables. Don’t over complicate it. Do only what Holy Spirit compels you to do.

For this week, as the year winds down, our focus will be revisiting our “Set Apart” word for 2021. Ask for clarity about specific ways you have or are being set apart and how that has and is transforming you. Keep a notebook handy to record thoughts and revelation. We believe with full confidence that Holy Spirit is directing this step and wants to show us and do among us powerful acts in the coming days. There is no pressure to participate.

For those who didn’t hear Pastor Shayn’s message, it will post Sunday on Facebook during our live in-person service.