Extended Fast

Hey church,
Leaders of our Remnant group are sending a version of this to the group today. I’m stealing it and tweaking it to send to Men of Valor and others who may want to participate as we launch into this new year. The prophetic team began a fast today. The teens are already engaged. I can absolutely say up front that these actions line up strategically with our word for 2022 that I will begin to outline next Sunday. Pastor Shayn presented an amazing primer this morning without knowing anything specific about this year’s word. Of prayer and fasting, Pastor Shayn said this today: We are leaning in closely so (Holy Spirit) can give us strategies for success.

Pastor Shayn issued a challenge last month in his message Blessed Are The Hungry. He challenged us to check the flesh / spirit balance as a means to make sure that we are being Spirit-first people. This call came after a period of extended fasting. Beginning Jan. 3rd (tomorrow), we will be joining and encouraging one another to enter into a period of extended fasting. If this is brand new to you, start small if necessary. This can and will look different for everyone. The importance: Set yourself aside for this period, sit at the foot of the throne, and just rest there. For some this next 40 days is about abiding with Jesus at a deeper level. I’m trusting that ALF, and us individually, will be given assignments as we get more comfortable in that bowed-down place.

If you have questions or need a sounding board, feel free to reach out to someone you trust. If you struggle in the middle, say so. If you cheat, pick yourself back up and get back into it. God will meet us in our intentionality, but we must remain active and vigilant. This has to be more than a good idea. Understand this is completely voluntary, so no fleshly pressure is at play here.

As a side note, our target focus for our Tuesday corporate prayer and fasting will be the U.S. Supreme Court, which will be taking up key issues this week and this year.

We’ll be talking about much of this more extensively as Men of Valor resumes meeting this Wednesday at 7.

If you’re in a Connection Group, consider implementing a challenge to one another. If you’re not, ask about how to engage in one.

An exciting and challenging adventure, with the potential for many twists and turns, is about to unfold.

Love to you all.
Pastor Jeff